Let's Dabble Art
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Let's Dabble Art
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Imagine what it would feel like if you could be a real artist.
You've always known you had "it" in you, and now that you have some time on your hands, what better way to fill the boredom than creating art?

Painting is a hobby that can bring you endless joy and happiness. Imagine actually looking forward to creating your next masterpiece. No need to waste time on boring art classes, or spending thousands of dollars getting an art degree. You can go at your own pace in the comfort of your own home and learn directly from the palette knife expert with Let’s Dabble Art online courses!
Kickstart Your Art Journey Today!
Poppy Happiness
You'll be painting these juicy poppies in just a few hours, even if you've never painted before! I'll show you how to create soft clouds and realistic poppies while having a blast! 
Autumn Jewel
I'm so excited to show you step-by-step how fun and easy painting a colorful autumn scene can be! You'll be able to use the techniques learned inside this course for countless future Dabble paintings. Get ready to have some fun!
Lavender in Provence
Escape to Southern France where lavender grow in breathtaking rows of purples...without leaving your house. I will teach you step-by-step how to create this WOW painting and make you look like a pro!
Forest Song
Learn how to paint this gorgeous aspen/birch forest that your friends and family will rave about! It's one of the artists' best sellers...and for the first time, she's teaching YOU how to do it too! You'll also learn how easy it is to paint a woodpecker hidden on a branch!
Skyward Diptych
Are you ready to learn to paint one of my most popular paintings? These thick, juicy birch trees come right off the canvas. I'll break down each step to make it easy even if you've never painted before! 
Additional Courses
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In my ChunkyCard courses I show you how to create beautiful, hand-crafted cards for your loved ones. These cards are works of art that your family and friends will treasure. We have several different ChunkyCard courses - don't miss any of them!

Club Starter 5

Learn to paint gorgeous palette knife paintings you can be proud of (and your friends & family will LOVE!)
Even if you've never painted before!
Avoid the mistakes that will cost you YEARS of frustration trying to figure it out on your own.

Mini Courses

Mini courses are designed for new (or experienced!) dabblers looking for a fun creative experience. You'll learn essential skills and techniques to create stunning works of art. Our mini courses are perfect for anyone looking to try something new and unleash their creativity. 

Textures of Life

Inspired by the bas-relief sculptures of the ancient Romans, artist Jennifer Vranes developed a technique that involves painting with extreme textures. Unlike an ordinary palette knife painting, Vranes loads on the texture just where nature intended. The sky and distant mountains, for instance, remain flat and smooth; contrasting dramatically with the highly textured fields, bushes and trees in the foreground. This juxtaposition of texture versus smooth in just the right places gives her paintings their distinct and unmistakable 3-dimensional quality. Vranes literally "sculpts" on the thick texture with many large palette knives. The trunks of the Aspens actually feel like bark to the touch, and the petals of the wild poppies can almost be picked!

This unique painting style gives the work of Jennifer Vranes a very tactile and organic quality. There is nothing quite like it currently available on the art market today!