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Indulge in Lavender Dreams
By Painting Your Own

"Lavender Wishes"

In this short video course, I’ll teach you how to paint one of my most popular pieces. One featured in galleries around the world and repeatedly commissioned by collectors for the past 20 years. 

You'll learn...

  • How to use a palette knife to sculpt in juicy lavender fields 
  • How to add sunlight and shadows “wet on wet” technique
  • ​The secret behind painting rows of lavender and what technique works best for that
  • ​How to layer in textured flowers.  
Now YOU can complete this in as little as 2 hours!
This course is perfect for all levels. You'll be able to use the techniques learned inside this course for countless future Let's Dabble paintings. Get ready to have some fun!

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From: Jennifer Vranes
Medford, Oregon

Hey Creative Soul,

Aren't these gorgeous purples just incredible??

Learn to paint the most beautiful lavender fields in Provence. 

Even if you've never painted before, you can create this incredible piece. 

Imagine how proud you'll feel to see your own creation bringing color to your walls. 

And even more than that, you'll discover a new hobby that will bring you purpose! 

How great is that?!

That’s why I’m thrilled to share this painting course with you.


"Lavender Wishes"

Your First (or Next) Complete Landscape

In Under 2 Hours!
A Painting Course from the Studio of Artist Jennifer Vranes

Here’s What’s Inside This All-New Painting Course...

From Blank Canvas to Background Layers

Lesson #1 - Your Background

In lesson #1 you’ll get started by discovering...
  • My “kitchen sink” trade secret to painting gorgeous backgrounds in less than 10 minutes WITHOUT a paintbrush. This saves you hours and hours so you can focus on the FUN stuff like texture and using your palette knives.
  • How quickly you can turn a white canvas into sky and hills! Even if you've never painted before, you can tackle this step!
  • Which colors soften the tones of your background. My secret sauce to make browns darker. What I never add, and what I always add to the mixture instead. 
  • The easel “shish-kabob” trick to get the base edge painting without any smudging. Seems silly, but works like a charm.
Puffy clouds

Lesson #2 - The Clouds

In Lesson #2 you’ll begin painting in the clouds. You'll learn...

  • How I create those light and puffy clouds! Plus, the magic trick I use to make them smooth! 
  • How to paint faster than most artists. This is how my students regularly create 2x, 3x, even 5x more than most painters.
Map in the house

Lesson #3 - Sketching in the Landscape

In Lesson #3 you’ll begin mapping in the distant house and tree...
  • The easiest way to go from reference photo to reality! Plus, how I map in the background to make the rest of the painting go smoothly - and a tip to be sure your painting looks professional!
  • How to paint faster than most artists. This is how my students regularly create 2x, 3x, even 5x more than most painters.
  • The best way to create depth by mapping things in first.​ And how to map in the lavender fields to achieve that depth. 
Detailing the house

Lesson #4 - The House

In Lesson #4 I’ll reveal my signature secrets for creating delicate details...
  • How to give the house an old look and how to make it look realistic. No slanting houses here! 
  • How to layer and mix colors. This 3-stage layering technique makes your scene come to life.
  • How your painting really comes together when you do a few easy things. You'll be so surprised how well things look after this step!
Decide where the lavender will go

Lesson #5 - Mapping in the Field

In Lesson #5 you'll decide where your lavender will go. You’ll discover...
  • How to sketch in lavender bushes so that they look realistic.
  • Why we map in the lavender in this step and how it will make things so much easier later! 
  • How to plan your painting to achieve a beautiful lavender field in minutes! 
Your painting will come to life! 

Lesson #6 - Adding Texture to the Field

In Lesson #6 you'll get out your palette knifes and your field will come to life! You'll learn...
  • When to get really detailed and when to just add hints. Plus the easiest ways to create delicate details even if this is your very first painting! 
  • Why strategically placing beautiful blobs creates an unforgettable painting. I wish I’d begun using this method much earlier in my career.
  • The secret ingredient that makes your lavender thick and textured. Plus, I'll break down each step for you so you can paint gorgeous flowers even if you've never painted before.
  • My “textures of life” technique for creating 3D pop. Sculpt life-like flowers with pops of color.
Finishing the Background

Lesson #7 - The Distant Hill and House

In Lesson #7 we will make the distant trees pop. You'll see...
  • How to add texture even in the distance.
  • Why listening to your intuition is better than perfect palette knife technique. FACT: Anyone who can butter toast or frost a cupcake can paint this lovely scene.
Signature time!

Lesson #8 - Sign your Painting!

In this final lesson I'll show you how to sign your name.
  • How to sign your name and sign the back of your painting and why I do it the same each time! 

You’ll discover all this and more, plus finish your painting in as little as 2 hours. But there’s no rush. If you want to take your time, that’s fine. And here’s what the finished product looks like!

I can’t wait for you to brighten up your room with “Lavender Wishes." If you’re ready to get started now, then just click the button below and...


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"This was a big challenge. Thank you Jen and Matt."  --Melissa

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Only $37

Only $77

**This special low price goes away on Wednesday, March 29th, at Midnight **

Can you picture it?

“Lavender Wishes” hanging on your wall?

Just imagine how special it will be the next time your friends or family come to visit!

I can’t wait for you to have the joy of creating such a colorful painting.

Just click or tap the box above to get started painting “Lavender Wishes.”

From my easel to your home, 

Jennifer Vranes

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