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Learn to paint this gorgeous lavender field and fill your home with color!

"Lavender in Provence"

In this short video course, I’ll teach you how to paint one of my most popular pieces. One featured in galleries around the world and repeatedly commissioned by collectors for the past 20 years. 

You'll learn...

  • How to use a palette knife to sculpt in juicy lavender fields
  • How to add sunlight and shadows “wet on wet” technique 
  • The secret behind painting rows of lavender and what technique works best for that
  • ​How to layer in flowers with texture you can practically pick
Now YOU can complete this in as little as 3 hours!
Now YOU can complete it in as little as 3 hours!
This course is perfect for all levels. You'll be able to use the techniques learned inside this course for countless future Let's Dabble paintings. Get ready to have some fun!

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From: Jennifer Vranes
Medford, Oregon

Hey Creative Soul,

Aren't these gorgeous purples just incredible??

Learn to paint the most beautiful lavender fields in Provence. 

Now you can fill your home with one of my most in-demand paintings for over 20 years.

Or you can bless the home of a loved one by painting your very own version of “Lavender in Provence” for them to enjoy. 

You’re going to paint with every color in the most gorgeous royal colors in this course. 

It’s one of my most gorgeous pieces. It’s a real WOW painting that will brighten any home or office. 

Whenever I paint this for a collector, they tell me how much joy and happiness it brings to them.

Just think of that… 

You get to enjoy a hobby that allows you to share joy!

How great is that?!

That’s why I’m thrilled to share this painting course with you.

From Blank Canvas to Background Layers

Lesson #1 - Your Background

In lesson #1 you’ll get started by discovering...
  • My “kitchen sink” trade secret to painting gorgeous backgrounds in less than 10 minutes WITHOUT a paintbrush. This saves you hours and hours so you can focus on the FUN stuff like texture and using your palette knives.
  • How to push the distant hills back in your painting to create depth. I'll share what colors I always use in this step!
  • The best way to make graceful hills. The big background mistake keeping your painting from looking more professional.
  • The easel “shish-kabob” trick to get the base edge painting without any smudging. Seems silly, but works like a charm.
Sketch in the house

Lesson #2 - Sketching the background

In Lesson #2 you’ll begin mapping in the distant house and tree...

  • The easiest way to go from reference photo to reality! Plus, how I map in the background to make the rest of the painting go smoothly - and a tip to be sure your painting looks professional!
  • How to paint faster than most artists. This is how my students regularly create 2x, 3x, even 5x more than most painters.
  • The best way to create depth by adding the foreground tree. And how to map in the lavender fields to achieve that depth. 
  • Combining reference photos to create the elements in your painting! You don't need to use just one!
Making sure you know where the house will be

Lesson #3 - Blocking in the House

In Lesson #3 you’ll start adding the details to the house. You’ll discover...
  • How your painting really comes together when you do a few easy things. You'll be so surprised how well things look after this step!
  • How to layer and mix colors. This 3-stage layering technique makes your scene come to life.
  • What one color I add to create highlights and sunshine. And how to make your painting unique!
  • How to make your house look realistic. No slanting houses here! 
Time for the Juicy Texture! 

Lesson #4 - Sculpt in the Texture 

In Lesson #4 I’ll reveal my signature secrets for creating juicy texture, including…
  • The secret ingredient that makes your tree trunks thick and free of unintentional (and all too common) cracks in the paint. Plus, a MASSIVE time saver I’ve discovered over the years to tint my trees in the most delightful and speedy way.
  • How to make each knife-stroke unique. Actually, it’s the fastest way to paint and the unique strokes are an inevitable side effect.
  • A common misconception — Your trees have to be perfect, right? Wrong! Here’s why you want imperfections in your trees, especially the small ones. Plus, without this kind of “tilt” effect, your scene looks less natural.
  • Why listening to your intuition is better than perfect palette knife technique. FACT: Anyone who can butter toast or frost a cupcake can paint this lovely scene.
Finally adding in Lavender! 

Lesson #5 - Adding the Lavender

In Lesson #5 you’ll give your rows of lavender deeper definition. You’ll discover...
  • Why you don’t have to wait for a dry painting to get gorgeous definition. I mean you can, if you want. But this is much faster.
  • How to scrape away the bland 2-dimensional spots most hobby artists can almost never avoid. If you scrape your scene properly with this tool, your fields will gain depth you can get in no other way.
  • Why almost dropping your palette knife is a good sign. It means you’re doing this right!
Time to Add "Pop" to Your Painting...

Lesson #6 - Fine Tuning the House

This lesson is SO FUN because your painting is finally taking shape! You'll learn...

  • The best way to create the third layer to the house. Plus one color I add to bring the house some warmth.
  • Why you never need to worry about ruining your painting. And how to fix anything you don't like!
  • How easy it is to create cute little shutters. Make them whatever color you'd like! 
Radiant Reds & Beautiful Blobs...

Lesson #7 - Fine Tuning the Trees

In this 7th lesson, you’ll discover...

  • How to make the leaves vivid and striking. This final touch on trees gives you a realistic look
  • My pet peeve when adding final highlights to the leaves. Don’t do what most artists do. This “finishing” technique is far better, yet super easy.
  • How to break up your clumps with a top layer of leaf coloring. Plus a little scrape in the final layer is the best way to finish your wonderful new world.
  • The perfect palette knife to create gorgeous leaves and why this is the easiest part.
Radiant Reds & Beautiful Blobs...

Lesson #8 - Fine Tuning the Lavender

In this final lesson, you’ll discover...

  • How to add colors to create a really eye-catching painting. This final touch on the lavender does the trick.
  • Why strategically placing beautiful blobs creates an unforgettable painting. I wish I’d begun using this method much earlier in my career.
  • How to make your palette knife do all the tough work for you! You'll see the best way to create the highlights and shadows with ease.

You’ll discover all this and more, plus finish your painting in as little as 3 hours. But there’s no rush. If you want to take your time, that’s fine. And here’s what the finished product looks like!

I can’t wait for you to brighten up your room with “Lavender in Provence." If you’re ready to get started now, then just click the button below and...


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JUST $197

This Is What One Student Has To Say About the Class…

"This was Jen's lesson called "Autumn Jewel. I just love painting these trees using what Jen has taught us. This is an 18x24 gallery wrapped canvas. Love all the colors! I like it!! --Claudia

Here’s What My Students Are Saying…

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Only $57

Only $197

**This special low price goes away on Friday, November 18th, at Midnight **

Can you picture it?

“Lavender in Provence” hanging on your wall?

Just imagine how special it will be the next time your friends or family come to visit!

I can’t wait for you to have the joy of creating such a gorgeous painting.

Just click or tap the box above to get started painting “Lavender in Provence.”

From my easel to your home, 

Jennifer Vranes

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