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Let's Dabble with Jen: Painting & Palette Knives
Learn to Paint Beautiful Landscapes
Even If You Can Barely Draw a Stick Figure
In this course you'll learn how to...
  • Get more confident with your painting skills even if your stick figures look like they were drawn by a 3-year-old.
  • ​Create a painting you can be proud of without wasting years struggling on your own, even if you haven’t picked up a paintbrush in years.
  • Create a "WOW" painting without taking a ton of boring classes even if you don't have an artistic bone in your body.
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Learn to Paint Gorgeous Palette Knife Paintings You'll Be Proud of

(and Your Friends & Family Will LOVE!)

...Even If You Haven't Painted In Years!

And avoid the mistakes that will cost you YEARS of frustration and time trying to figure it out on your own.

Here's What You're Getting:
  • ​INTRO - The Basics, Setup, and Supply List 
  • ​FIRST 5 Painting Series Masterclass! 
  • ​BONUS 1: FREE Apron and First Painting Pin
  • BONUS 2: Detailed Notes Breakdown of Videos
  • ​BONUS 3: Dozens of Past Full LIVE "How-To" Painting Demos
  • ​BONUS 4: 100 Reference Photos that will help you hit the ground running
  • ​BONUS 5: Private Facebook Group/Online Community
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Here are what some of my Dabblers are saying...

It's YOUR Time To Become a TRUE Artist!
Just imagine the kind of WOW factor you'll have as you continue painting with me.

Imagine what it would feel like if you could paint like a real artist. Not just an amateur... but something your friends and family would actually want to hang up on their walls. 

What would it be like if your kids actually fought over who gets your next painting?

Instead of insecurity, you have become an artist confident in your ability and technique. 

The struggle of “what step to do next” is gone, replaced by a serene peace.

Painting brings you so much joy and happiness, you’re actually looking forward to creating your next masterpiece.

Well, that doesn’t have to be a fantasy. It can be your reality just like it is for the many Dabblers just like you in the Let's Dabble Family!
FAQ’S... Still Have Questions? 
Q - What is included? 
A - Let’s Dabble is an inside look inside the painting process of world renown palette knife painter, Jennifer Vranes. She will show you how to paint 5 of her most popular pieces, while revealing all of her painting secrets along the way.

Q - Will the online access be available anytime or are there certain times or days that it will be available?
A - This course will be accessible anytime, from any device, 24/7. You will have lifetime access to all the videos to be able to watch them whenever is convenient for you. 

Q - I have never painted and have no idea if I have any talent. Is this something I'll be able to do?
A - Yes! You do not need to know how to draw or have had any previous painting experience to take this class! Jennifer will break it down into easy to follow steps that everyone on the experiece scale can follow.

Q - What tools do I need to begin with the first class?
A - Jennifer includes a complete list of the art supplies needed for each course. You can take this list to your local art store, or go online and click on the link Jennifer provides and have the entire list added to a cart with one click. Some of the supplies like brushes and palette knives will only need to be purchased once.

Q - How long will each class last?
A - This will depend on the painting. It will generally be between 1 ½ hours to 2 hours to complete a painting. The Bonus painting is more advanced, and takes a bit longer.

Q - Who is this course ideally for?
A - It is for anyone interested in painting. Whether you’re a Dabbler, Beginner, Intermediate or Professional, this course is ideal for all who wish to have fun and expand their creativity.
Q - Can I just watch this for Free on YouTube?  Nope!
A - This is not your typical painting class. It’s a peek inside the studio and inner workings of palette knife painter Jennifer Vranes. This is the only way you can learn her secrets and how to paint those textured paintings she’s famous for. You can only get it directly from her, the source, through this online art course.

Q - Is there a money-back guarantee?
A - Yes. I’m so convinced this will work for you, I will make you this personal promise: Try LET’S DABBLE for 30 days. If you don't LOVE IT, then I will refund your money. I KNOW you are going to love learning this awesome technique!)

Q - What if I paint with oils, will I still be able to follow along?
A - Yes! Jennifer used to be an oil painter too, and she still paints using similar techniques. The only thing will be the dry time. You will have to wait longer in between sessions for your painting to dry first. This shouldn't be a problem, because you can go at your own pace.

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Just A Recap Of What You're Getting:

  • INTRODUCTION - The Basics, Setup, and Supply List (FREE)
  • ​PAINTING 1 - How to Paint "Pewter Life" (Value $997)
  • ​PAINTING 2 - How to Paint "Big Aspen Blue" (Value $997)
  • PAINTING 3 - How to Paint "Sunlit Afternoon" (Value $997)
  • PAINTING 4 - How to Paint "Crimson Fall" (Value $997)
  • PAINTING 5 - How to Paint "Spring Meadow" (Value $997) 

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