Let's Dabble Art
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Let's Dabble Art
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ChunkyCard Courses

ChunkyCards: Fall Edition

Get ready for the season of giving thanks with this easy-to-follow ChunkyCards course. You will learn how to create a Sunlit Maple, Harvest Wreath and "Give Thanks" Wreath.

ChunkyCards: Winter Edition

These aren't your typical Christmas cards! Send your loved ones hand painted cards this Holiday season. In this course you will learn how to create a Holiday Wreath, Aspens with a Cardinal and a Pine Tree.

ClassicChunky Cards

Welcome in Spring and let your friends and family know you are thinking of them. In this course you will learn how to create a Poppy, Sunflower, Daisies and Trees.

ChunkyCards: Spring Edition

In my this ChunkyCard Course, I'll teach you to paint gorgeous Hydrangea, Tulips, and Daffodils like a pro! You'll be able to gift gorgeous works of art to your friends and family for any occasion. 

ChunkyCards: Love Edition

What better way to let someone know you love them than with a hand painted card? In this course you will learn how to paint a Cupcake, a Heart and a Rose.

ChunkyCards: Mother's Day Edition

In this course you will learn to paint gorgeous flowers perfect for Mother's Day or any other day! You'll start by painting pink roses with baby's breath in a blue vase. Then we'll move to painting multi-colored roses in a tall and skinny vase. Once we've tackled roses, we will paint peonies in a pitcher. 

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Textures of Life

Inspired by the bas-relief sculptures of the ancient Romans, artist Jennifer Vranes developed a technique that involves painting with extreme textures. Unlike an ordinary palette knife painting, Vranes loads on the texture just where nature intended. The sky and distant mountains, for instance, remain flat and smooth; contrasting dramatically with the highly textured fields, bushes and trees in the foreground. This juxtaposition of texture versus smooth in just the right places gives her paintings their distinct and unmistakable 3-dimensional quality. Vranes literally "sculpts" on the thick texture with many large palette knives. The trunks of the Aspens actually feel like bark to the touch, and the petals of the wild poppies can almost be picked!

This unique painting style gives the work of Jennifer Vranes a very tactile and organic quality. There is nothing quite like it currently available on the art market today!