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Let's Dabble Art
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Additional Courses

Autumn's Palette

Fill your home with color when you learn to paint this gorgeous Autumn scene! In this course, I'll show you how easy it is to create a boulder with a palette knife and how to achieve gorgeous textured trees and Autumn leaves that pop!

Desert in Bloom

Are you ready to learn how to paint a colorful desert in bloom? This isn't your ordinary "southwest" painting. This is one that will make your friends and family stop in their tracks and say, "Wow!"

Sonoma Wine Country

Paint the wine country of Sonoma and Napa Valley where rows of vineyards ripen beneath the warm, California sun! In this course I'll show you how to paint a gorgeous vineyard with palette knives. 

Tropical Paradise

Welcome to your new Tropical Paradise! Even if you can't travel to your favorite vacation spot, at least now you can can paint it! This painting is all about a perfect sky, crystal clear water, warm beach and palm trees. Aaaah. All you're missing is your pina colada!

Mountain Air

Take a deep breath of fresh mountain air! This course will teach you how to create mind blowing mountains, incredible reflections in water, beautiful evergreens and of course...white trunks of aspen trees! This will challenge you, but in the end it will be so worth it! 

The Harvest

Even if you've never been to Tuscany, you can channel it through this painting! It's all about a Tuscan villa in the middle of wine country. It's harvest time and these vines are ready for the picking! I'll show you how to paint a Tuscan landscape with texture that will pop off the canvas. 

Walking Through Autumn

This painting is a classic! I will teach you how easy it is to paint a road winding through a forest in autumn. My palette knife technique will take your painting from ordinary to WOW! Apply these techniques to any road or forest painting you want to paint in the future. 

Winter Wishes

Get ready to paint your new favorite winter landscape! This one will be a magical winter wonderland with pine trees in snow and 2 red cardinals perched atop the branches. I'll also show you a little fun trick to help with painting falling snow!

Spring Reflection

This scene is going to knock your socks off! Not only is it a fun one to paint...but it's an easy one to love. In this course, I'll show you how to create a beautiful sunset sky, a winding river that reflects the sunset, evergreen trees, and a meadow of lupine. Let's have some fun!

Post Palette Saguaro

Learn my unique technique of Post-Palette painting to create this gorgeous and colorful Saguaro! You'll learn the easy way I have to paint fluffy white clouds and the desert flowers. 

Lighthouse by the Sea

Take a day at the ocean by painting this rocky shore and lighthouse! You'll have so much fun seeing what the palette knife can do to create the chunky rocks and the waves. Apply these techniques to any water or ocean painting you want to paint in the future. 

Simply Paradise

Bring the beach to you wherever you are by learning to paint this gorgeous beach scene. The colors are deep and tranquil. You'll learn thick textured leaves and flowers.

Morning Meadow

Learn to paint this gorgeous meadow with aspens. Then watch your painting come to life with sunlight! It's easier than it looks and so much fun. 

Remembering Provence

If you can't travel, bring a little bit of the Provence countryside to your walls! The royal purples and deep yellows make this a gorgeous painting for any wall. I'll also show you how to make these beautiful lavender fields. 

Confetti Fall

This deep painting includes mountains, evergreens, and gorgeous, bright fall leaves. Learn to paint it today! I'll teach you several different techniques including the juicy textured leaves. 

Autumn on the River

Imagine learning to paint this gorgeous river scene. The palette knife is perfect for the textured water and chunky rocks. You'll have fun while creating a gorgeous piece of art! 

Rocky Mountain Heaven

When you paint this gorgeous mountain scene, you will learn so many important techniques! I'll teach you the easiest way to paint evergreens, how the palette knife is the perfect tool for mountains, and of course, my birch trees! 

Springtime Poppies

This is such a joyful painting and the most fun to paint! You'll love learning how to create puffy clouds and juicy poppies!

Sunflower Peace

In this fun lesson, I'll teach you to create depth through lavender fields and white puffy clouds, textured sunflowers, and a rustic barn. The palette knife will do the work for you and you'll have so much fun! 

Pastel Tranquility

This course will teach you how to layer colors to create this gorgeous pastel forest. Of course you'll learn my unique ways of creating trunks as well! 

America the Beautiful

Can you even believe that sky and meadow? I'll share my secrets on how to create the incredible colors in the sky as well as textured flowers in the meadow. 

Lavender Wishes

Learn to paint the most beautiful lavender fields in Provence! I'll teach you how to create this old house, fluffy clouds, and lavender you can practically pick off the canvas! 

Monet's Water Lilies

In this course not only will you learn how to paint these iconic water lilies, but you'll receive bonus lessons on adding unique details like frogs, koi fish, and dragon flies!

European Oasis

Learn to paint this weathered window! I'll show you the best way to create realistic shutters and textured leaves. The delicate potted plants add a unique touch. 

Textures of Life

Inspired by the bas-relief sculptures of the ancient Romans, artist Jennifer Vranes developed a technique that involves painting with extreme textures. Unlike an ordinary palette knife painting, Vranes loads on the texture just where nature intended. The sky and distant mountains, for instance, remain flat and smooth; contrasting dramatically with the highly textured fields, bushes and trees in the foreground. This juxtaposition of texture versus smooth in just the right places gives her paintings their distinct and unmistakable 3-dimensional quality. Vranes literally "sculpts" on the thick texture with many large palette knives. The trunks of the Aspens actually feel like bark to the touch, and the petals of the wild poppies can almost be picked!

This unique painting style gives the work of Jennifer Vranes a very tactile and organic quality. There is nothing quite like it currently available on the art market today!

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